◆ ACMF(Active Common Mode noise Filter)

・Common mode filter realized as IC in CMOS process
· High frequency analog IC that eliminates common mode noise in a wide bandwidth and high efficiency
· Surveillance cameras, in-vehicle cameras LVDS, smart TV cameras etc., especially effective in high-quality transmission lines

We realized a function to remove a common mode noise by broadband and high decrement as an IC of the CMOS process, which is Active common mode noise filter. With increase of digital data and the spread of electronic equipment handling data, quantity of data transmission is increasing remarkably. The signal generated by a digital circuit includes a great deal of frequency components, particularly a high-frequency component came to often become the source of the noise. Particularly the common mode noise spreads wide to broadband. Therefore, it is difficult to divide a necessary signal and noise at frequency by a filter. Currently method to remove only a specific frequency ingredient are used by the passive component called the common mode chalk coil (CMCC).

  Applicable to Tokyo Metropolitan Government "New Product / New Technology Development Grant Project"
  · HTT 3003 mipi-DPHY for 1.5 Gbps
  · HTT 3102 Re-Driver IC for HDMI