LNA(Low noise amplifier)

Low cost is realized by CMOS process which replaces GaAs (gallium arsenide) and SiGe (silicon germanium)
LNA is a low noise amplifier amplifying an input signal selectively, which is used a lot for the high frequency transceiver circuit for digital broadcasting, a cell-phone and wireless LAN. Mainstream of current LNA are the bipolar type using the GaAs. Process using GaAs has a problem that its manufacturing cost is hard to be reduced. The high power consumption of the bipolar type IC is the disadvantageous point compared to CMOS type. We developed LNA of the CMOS process that assumed for digital TV tuner use. The engineering sample bears comparison with conventional products in basic characteristic. In addition, our LNA added the new function that conventional products did not have, and  was able to confirm that the consumption electricity fell. We can provide LNA to the customer at lower price than conventional products.