Points to realize miniaturization, power saving, high noise immunity in synchronizationSimultaneous reduction in size, power saving, and high noise immunity

MEMS stands for Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (micro electromechanical system), which is a device integrated with mechanical structural components of three-dimensional microstructure and electronic circuit semiconductor process technology.
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What is required for the MEMS sensor is superior characteristics including miniaturization and power saving, and cost reduction at the time of mounting, but full-scale market expansion and improvement of sensor performance are going on now. Especially in equipment, low power consumption is the top priority.

We have been working on the development of piezoresistive sensors with excellent sensitivity characteristics and adopting a new structure as a result of minimizing the influence of distortion, which is a weak point of existing sensors, and at the same time greatly miniaturizing We have established technologies to realize.

We also confirmed that the development of ASIC for conversion of detected data also operates with lower current consumption than conventional products by developing a new architecture.

We will integrate this MEMS sensor and ASIC and commercialize compact and energy-saving acceleration sensor that can be quickly mounted on various equipment.

Piezoresistive sensor excellent in miniaturization    

■ Sharing X axis and Z axis (patent pending)
■ New stress-free structure (relieving stress due to heat)