Ultra low noise circuit technology applied to oscillation IC

▲ HTT 4101: for ultra low noise crystal oscillator suitable for Hi-Resolution audio

Oscillation frequency range
20~80MHz (Fundamental wave)
Frequency power supply variation
200ppm @  3.3V±10%
Ultra low phase noise
Refer to specification

 HTT4101 Specification

▲ HTT 4201: Oscillator composed of IC without using oscillator such as crystal

Excellent especially oscillation starting characteristics such as low cost, small size, low current consumption, high shock resistance, high-speed oscillation startup, low EMI, etc. are especially good with our crystal oscillator at ms ~ s. A revolutionary ICHTT 4301 Wide Frequency clock generator IC that is also possible with high-performance Vref circuit with excellent temperature dependence, power supply voltage dependence and low current consumption.

▲ HTT 4301: Wide Frequency Range Clock Generator IC

The IC input frequency of 2 MHz to 27 MHz constituted by a phase locked loop (PLL) equipped with an input frequency multiplier is multiplied by 1 time, 4 times, 8 times, and it is multiplied, and our high quality output frequency characteristics Possible, Input and output logic level Supports LVCMOS

Oscillator is essential circuit for digital signal processing, application with ADC and CPU installed, and wired / wireless communication. Oscillator requirement accuracy varies from very high to rough depending on the application being used. A crystal oscillator is usually used, and it is easy to obtain thermal characteristics and high accuracy. On the other hand, when trying to obtain a good Phase Noise in terms of characteristics, it is necessary to devise not only physical properties but also circuits, and conversely, if you do not need such a good characteristic, it becomes a problem with cost and robustness. The HTT 4101 is ideal for applications where more and more high precision digital modulation technology is used, and it is represented by audio equipment called high resolution. The HTT 4201 is a Silicon OSC that does not require an external oscillator. External parts are unnecessary, making it ideal for systems that require low-cost microcontrollers with fast start-up. The HTT 4301 is ideal for applications requiring multiplied signals synchronized with the system clock. For example, it is used as a clock for 4 or 8 times the sampling clock to the ADC connected to the microcomputer, or for the demodulation circuit of the high speed digital interface

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